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Opening Class Ceremony

Purpose of Seiza -- Orderliness and humbleness for the mind and body.
Purpose of Mokuso -- Warming up the mind for training hard.
Purpose of JKI Karate Training -- Not to conquer others, but to conquer the weakness within oneself.

Dojo Kun (precepts):

  1. Uphold the principals of propriety and courtesy.
  2. Cultivate the spirit of effort.
  3. Perfect a mind of patience.
  4. Live the way of truth.
  5. Do not lose self-control or act in a violent manner.
Three Basic Factors for

Martial Arts:
  1. Knowledge in my Mind.
  2. Truth in my Heart.
  3. Strength in my Body.

Mental Strength:
  1. Seriousness.
  2. Try hard.
  3. Never give up.

Mental Attitude:
  1. Initiative.
  2. Responsibility.
  3. Pride.

Relations With Others:
  1. Appreciation.
  2. Consideration.
  3. Unity.