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L I T T L E     N I N J A S

Directed by local child psychologist Dr. Chris Sheaffer, this nationally recognized program is specifically designed for preschoolers ages 3-6.

Little Ninjas is a fun, upbeat program that develops the eight Life Skills that are vital for children of this age: Focus, Control, Discipline, Coordination, Teamwork, Balance, Memory and Fitness.

Every three months, students have the opportunity to test for a new belt and advance in their Little Ninja training. Marked by a white stripe down the middle, the Little Ninja belts mirror the belt progression of JKI’s other programs.

As your child progresses in karate and develops physically, emotionally and socially, the advancement into JKI’s regular children’s program is seamless.

Each 30-minute class consists of several dynamic activities that focus on one or two of these skills.

Class size is small, and enrollment is very limited.

Classes are held every Tuesday at 5:30pm, and every Saturday at 9:00am.

The cost is $50/mo to attend one class each week, or $60/mo to attend 2 classes each week.

Call or text (336) 817-6407 to set up an appointment to meet with our instructors and learn about the Little Ninjas program!