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Lineage for JKI of NC

Karate-Ka: That's us, the students in the Dojo. With much appreciation, I present all the Sensei in the Dojo.

Sempai Valerie Fricault, Sempai Juan Perez, Sempai Dylan Sheaffer, Sempai Daniel Beaudoin

Sensei Chris Sheaffer, Sensei Robert Neal Sr, Sensei Leslie Kerr, Sensei Mark Fricault, Sensei Ben Dorr, Sensei David Fraser
: These guys-n-gals are awsome. They're always energized, ready to go, and eager to help.

Sensei Mike Russell (North Carolina)

Sensei Mike earned his Shodan rank under Sensei Jerry Odum,and his Nidan rank under Sensei Dale Coker.

Sensei Dale Coker (South Carolina)

Sensei Dale is the Founder of JKI, and has several schools in South Carolina. If you want to learn more, check out his website at www.japankarate.net

Shihan Ronald Woodard (Alabama)

Shihan Woodard is a Student of Shihan Hirano. He was the first instructor of Japan International Karate Centers in the continental United States.

Shihan Kiyohisa Hirano, Soke (founder) of Heiwa-do (Hawaii)

This is the beginning as far as Heiwa-do (sometimes written as Heiwado and hei-wado ryu) is concerned. There are several sites out there that go into the history of Dr. Hiyohisa Hirano and the origins of Heiwa_do.

Shihan Otsuka Hironori, the founder of the Wado system of Karate (Japan)

This is the beginning as far as Wado-Ryu is concerned. There are a bazillion sites offering biographical and historical information on Hironori Sensei describing how he blended various parts of several different styles of karate in developing Wado-Ryu.