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Okinawan Shorinryu Shorinkan Kobudo

Sensei(s) Ben Dorr, Leslie Kerr, David Frasier, and Mark Fricault lead the instruction for the Kobudo classes. Each of these fine instructors are members in good standing in the Triad Kobudo Kenkyu Kai, and hold a Shodan rank in Shorinryu Shorinkan Kobudo under Hanshi Kudan Doug Perry with support and guidance provided by Shihan H.P. Henry.
Kobudo means "Ancient Martial Way" which is the art of traditional weapons training. The bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, eku, kama, and tekko are some of the weapons that the students will learn. Kobudo is a separate art from Karate. Kobudo training broadens and compliments a student's karate skills. The JKI Kobudo Weapons Program follows the Shorin-Ryu ShorinKan program, a combination of Okinawan and Japanese weapon systems. Through study, training, and application a student can obtain the rank of Shodan in approximately three years.
Single person kata and weapon vs weapon kata will be taught to mature, responsible students of [Blue belt] rank or higher.


Kobudo Advancement

  Shodan Requirements
Rank Kata
Shodan Yamane Shushi No Kun,
Yamane Sakugawa No Kun,
Nakaima Kenkou No Sai Dai Ichi,
Nakaima Kenkou No Sai Dai Ni,
Shugoro No Tonfa,
Nakaima No Kama,
Shorinkan No Nunchaku,
Bo Taiso Renshu,
Yakusoku Bo Dai Ichi,
Yakusoku Bo Dai Ni,
Bo/Sai Kumite
  Nidan Requirements Program
Rank Kata
Nidan Shorinkan No Nunchaku Dai Ni,
Kubo No Kun,
Sakugawa No Kun Dai Ni,
Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ichi,
Shorinkan No Kama Dai Ni,
Sai Jutsu Dai San,
Shorinkan No Eaku
  Extra Credit / Fun Stuff
Miyazato No tekko Dai Ichi Tuifa [no tonfa] Dai San
Takemyoshi No Tekko Dai Ichi Takemyoshi No Nunte Bo Dai Ichi
Takemyoshi No tekko Dai Ni Bo/Bo Kumite
Kawa No Kama 13 Step Jo/Jo Kumite
Tsuken Sunakake No Eaku